SAFe® Enterprise Solutions and Services

The Right Tools For Your Enterprise Transformation Journey

Preparing and supporting your enterprise organization for continued success is our top priority. We do this by providing years of expertise in successful SAFe transformations, as well as a proven Implementation Roadmap that links strategy to execution.

Scaled Agile’s services team provides a limited amount of high-level training including executive workshops and launching Agile Release Trains. Successful SAFe implementations take teamwork, and that’s why Scaled Agile works closely with our Partner Network to provide support as needed.  Pairing Scaled Agile with a knowledgeable Partner will make your implementation far more efficient.

On Site Enterprise Support & Services

Developing your transformation strategy is critical, and Scaled Agile help create and roll out a successful strategy.

  • Develop Your Enterprise Transformation Strategy
  • SAFe Executive Overview & Workshop
  • SAFe Training and Certification Courses
  • Value Stream/ART Identification Workshop
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning & ART Launch Support

Looking for effective ways to procure, scale and sustain your SAFe transformation? Scaled Agile provides resources to help you along the way:

  • Bulk Purchase Agreement – BPA

    • Allows the enterprise to purchase SAFe courseware in bulk
    • Consumption per course attendee
    • Simplify your courseware rollout
    • Use a Purchase Order to acquire licenses
    • Centralize your budgeting and reimbursements
  • Enterprise Learner Subscription – ELS

    • Intended for organizations rolling out SAFe
    • Best for multi-year rollout of SAFe (2+ years)
    • Allows for the enterprise to consume per “Learner”
    • Includes all courseware, updates and any new courses taught by an SPC
    • Includes SAFe certifications for the term and access to the Scaled Agile Community  
    • Includes a built-in discount
    • Allows individual learners to consume an unlimited amount of courseware
    • Includes all role-specific courses (which is a shorter way of saying “any course taught by an SPC”)
    • Includes SAFe certifications and renewals for the term

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