Train Lean-Agile Leaders

Our philosophy is simple: the responsibility for Lean-Agile adoption and success lies with the enterprise’s existing managers, leaders, and executives. Such a responsibility cannot be delegated to the ACE, development teams, or outside consultants. To achieve this, leaders must be trained in these new and innovative ways of thinking and operating.

“Lean-Agile Leaders” exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are trained in lean and agile principles and base their day-to-day decisions on this long term philosophy
  • They develop people. Their people develop solutions.
  • They understand and teach Lean and Agile behaviors
  • They are trained in the practices and tools of continuous improvement and teach employees problem solving and corrective action skills
  • They are “hands on” in the new process, and they take personal responsibility for Lean-Agile success

One source of such training is the course Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework® (Leading SAFe®), delivered by certified consultant/trainers in open enrollment or on-site settings.

The Program Portfolio Management Workshop Toolkit is another training offered by certified consultants/trainers. This two-day workshop toolkit will equip attendees with the tools and techniques necessary to organize around value for optimal business results, implement Lean-Agile Program Portfolio Management, Governance and Budgeting.