Practicing SAFe 

Scaled Agile, Inc. is a young, dynamic company with a unique culture rooted in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). SAFe is a new way of working that combines attributes of Lean thinking with Agile methodologies to help the world’s largest organizations deliver software and systems to market faster, with higher quality and better engaged employees. Although SAFe is utilized by the world’s largest systems, we thought, why not use it to run Scaled Agile? Even though Scaled Agile isn’t enterprise in size, we plan, iterate, retrospect, and inspect-and-adapt as if we were.

Visit our office in Boulder, and you’ll see what it looks like when you live and breathe SAFe. Our walls are plastered with Kanban boards, sticky notes, objectives, and backlogs. We have something called a program board, which uses red yarn to map dependencies between teams. We thrive in a culture of open communication and teamwork. We take great pride in both our people and our collective accomplishments.

Adapting the Framework to run Scaled Agile steeps every employee in our main product, allowing us to better support the enterprises who adopt SAFe.


A fusion of diversity

While you’re here, you’ll meet a wildly diverse bunch: we have a yoga master, a Swiss helicopter pilot, even a guy we’ve named the ‘orchid whisperer.’ (You’ll have to come to Boulder to learn what he does.) There are several musicians and vocalists, some classically trained. And because we’re in Colorado, we have more than our fair share of athletes: marathoners, snowboarders, soccer and rugby players, kayakers, and even a couple of triathletes. And then some of us who just like to take a nice walk by the river. In general, we impress each other with the quality and caliber of the people attracted to our organization, each person bringing some unique characteristic (in addition to mad skills) to the company.


A force for good

Just as we relentlessly pursue the best possible version of SAFe, we are also committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees and the communities around us.

In addition to providing a wellness program for our staff, Scaled Agile is part of Pledge 1% Colorado—a network of Colorado entrepreneurs who share a common commitment to giving back to their communities.