Winning the Customer with Experience Architecture

As the post-digital economy begins to boom and the worlds of business process and technology come together, it’s time to think about how we optimize the whole from a unified, customer-centric perspective. Some organizations have begun to master the idea of experience architecture, whereas others are just beginning. During my years consulting, I’ve had the … Keep reading

How We Used DevOps to Rework Our DevOps Course

There’s no faster way to kill a conversation among a non-technical crowd than to begin discussing DevOps. For many, DevOps is that “technical thing” that IT teams do to automate testing. Or, to paraphrase an actual conversation I once had with a client: “Doesn’t DevOps use that guy Jenkins to monitor something called technical debt so … Keep reading

SAFe and Business Architecture

As organizations begin their Lean and Agile journey with SAFe®, SPCs will introduce a tool designed to help organizations determine the best, most logical place to launch their first Agile Release Train (ART). The Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop is designed to help organizations identify the sweet spot where an opportunity to deliver value … Keep reading

The Challenge of Economic Prioritization

On the surface, the foundations of job sequencing in considering the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) prioritization schema seem logical. Do the smallest job with the greatest cost of delay first to deliver the greatest economic benefit. Though, in practice, it can be much more challenging. To survive and thrive in the post-digital economy, organizations … Keep reading

10 Tips for Value Stream Identification

Welcome to the second post in our blog series about value stream identification in practice. Read the first post here about preparing for a successful Value Stream and ART Identification workshop. When deciding where to launch an Agile Release Train (ART), it can be tempting to look within existing organizational boundaries. But, considering Lean-Agile Principle … Keep reading

Traits of the Stoic Agilist

Hollywood has a way of portraying philosophers as pretentious finders of fault. (Emily in Paris, I love you, but you are guilty of this.) What’s more, the mention of the stoic philosopher leads to images of people who are emotionless and incapable of feeling (Spock, anyone?). These portrayals are unfortunate, because we all stand to … Keep reading

Avoid Change Saturation to Land Change Well

This is the second post in my short series on landing change well. Read the first post here. Managing change is as much of an art as it is a science. As we have learned through decades of project management and big-bang releases, even the best-planned and best-executed changes at large scale can land poorly.  … Keep reading

Ten Steps to Landing Change Well

Change is hard.  For more than a decade, I’ve used that simple reminder to start every discovery and transformation engagement. Even with that warning in mind, those responsible for leading change will often underestimate just how hard it can be to land meaningful change well. Change is a very personal thing.  In general, people will … Keep reading

A Framework, Not a Prescription

Now that SAFe® 5.0 is live, I wanted to take a minute­­ to reset the baseline on what exactly a framework is, what it isn’t, and what’s required to win with SAFe. One of the most inspiring things I’ve experienced in working with SAFe is seeing the excitement and energy that it brings out in … Keep reading