Certification basics

Scaled Agile’s role-based offerings focus on the skills, knowledge, and experience required to successfully perform the job in a SAFe working environment. Before taking the certification exam, individuals are required to attend the relevant SAFe course and are highly encouraged to read recommended books and articles, and take advantage of videos and enablement resources, in addition to gaining real-world experience in the role. Scaled Agile maintains rigorous quality standards to ensure that those who have earned the certification are well prepared to effectively fulfill their role in a SAFe enterprise.

Learning journey: checklist

Attend the course

  • Course completion is the first step toward SAFe certification.
  • Scaled Agile training classes are designed with the learner in mind. Incorporating active learning techniques with a robust role-based curriculum is a great start to the SAFe learning journey.
  • Receive access to the SAFe Community Platform after the class, which provides access to study materials & the exam.

Study and learn

Take the exam

Exam retake policy

The following applies to all Scaled Agile exams, except sample tests and practice tests:

  • The first time an exam is taken is considered a “first attempt” and not a retake
  • If a certification exam is not successfully completed on the first attempt, there is no waiting period before taking the exam a second time
  • A second attempt (first retake) of an exam can be done immediately after the first attempt for a fee*
  • A third attempt requires a 10-day wait before the exam can be retaken for a fee*
  • A fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait before the exam can be retaken for a fee*
  • Once an exam is successfully completed, exam retakes are not allowed. The candidate may not take the same exam again, unless there has been an announced update to the exam.

*There is a fee associated with each retake attempt. See each exam page for the specific retake fee associated with the exam.

Continue the learning journey

Becoming SAFe certified should be the beginning of an ongoing pursuit of learning and knowledge.