SAFe® Certification

The standard for Lean-Agile enterprises

Recognition and verification

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) was recently named the most widely used method for scaling Agile, making the value of holding a SAFe Certification greater now than ever before. With over 70 percent of the US Fortune 100 companies using SAFe, the demand for SAFe certified professionals is growing at an exponential rate. Many employers seek professional candidates who bring credentials that demonstrate their ability to work within a SAFe environment, as displayed and verified through a SAFe Certification.

Opportunities for career development

SAFe Certification opens new doors for both professional and career development. Whether individuals are looking to expand their role at their current company or are seeking new career opportunities outside of the organization, holding a SAFe Certification validates that individuals have the skills needed to help scale Agile. The role-based curriculum within the Scaled Agile Professional Certification Program enables individuals to embark on a learning journey that provides a natural progression from entry-level SAFe Practitioner to SAFe expert.

Enterprises that hire SAFe certified professionals are hiring individuals that onboard faster and understand the SAFe environment more quickly than those without a background in Agile or SAFe.

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Simplify certification across the enterprise

For those looking to certify at scale within their enterprise, Scaled Agile, Inc. offers simplified license management and cost savings through a single agreement for the organization. These enterprise licensing bundles make certifying multiple individuals and teams within the organization more efficient and cost-effective, and easier to get through procurement.

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Membership in the SAFe® Community Platform

Included with a SAFe Certification is membership in the SAFe Community Platform, which facilitates the management of an individual’s credentials and gives them access to a wealth of resources, such as professional development to keep their SAFe knowledge current as well as SAFe Communities of Practice (CoPs).

While all members of the SAFe Community Platform can access a public CoP, a SAFe Certification grants access to a CoP that is exclusively for members that hold a certification. This provides them with invaluable networking opportunities with knowledgeable, experienced professionals, including SAFe Fellows and SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs), who can offer a unique perspective on some of the most challenging implementation obstacles.

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Access digital badges

SAFe certified professionals receive the added benefit of a digital badge—an easily shareable version of their certification that enables them to display their achievement in email signatures, digital resumes, and social networks, to help them gain visibility in today’s ever-expanding digital marketplace. The digital badge communicates that they have a verified, active certification, and illustrates their specific skills and qualifications as a SAFe certified professional.

SAFe certified professionals receive digital badges at no additional cost.

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