Achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in a digital age

Today, many of the world’s largest organizations and governments are moving toward a Lean approach to continuously deliver value with minimal waste and processes. The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) identifies five primary attributes—’core competencies’—that Lean organizations must embrace to achieve these goals. 

Lean Portfolio

Gives the enterprise the ability to execute existing commitments reliably and to better enable innovation

Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering

Optimizes all the activities necessary to successfully, specify, design, construct, test, deploy, operate, and evolve large, complex solutions

DevOps and
Release on Demand

Enables the organization to lower development costs, reduce risk, react quickly to customer demand, and outmaneuver the competition

Team and
Technical Agility

Provides increased productivity, faster time-to-market, and predictable delivery of value through the development of high-performing teams


Empowers individuals and teams to reach their highest potential, resulting in happier, more engaged employees, and increased productivity and innovation


Every business is a software business

Mastery of the five core competencies empowers organizations to successfully navigate the transformation to Lean, Agile, and DevOps, which equips them to respond effectively to volatile market conditions, changing customer needs, and emerging technologies.