Boost SAFe transformations

Depending on where an enterprise is at on its SAFe transformation journey, it might need a little help to keep the implementation on track.

Reasons to reach out include:

  • Help articulating the value of SAFe to others internally
  • Assistance getting buy-in for SAFe with executive teams
  • Determining the best tools and training for SAFe transformations

The SAFe Implementation Roadmap is a great tool to understand where the organization is at in it’s transformation journey and can be helpful in understanding what it needs to reach the next steps.

Does the enterprise need onsite SPC classes to build a coalition for change and to get people talking the same language? Does the organization need leading SAFe to achieve management and executive buy-in? Another reason to reach out for help is a very complex implementation where it is difficult to identify value streams and ARTs. The Scaled Agile Advisory team can boost your transformation by serving as a coach or mentor, facilitator for your RTE for that first ART launch to get them up to speed, or even extending a SAFe implementation to the Portfolio level.

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