Winning Digital Transformation

Becoming a truly Lean enterprise can make the difference between just surviving and thriving in a world driven by digital transformation.

Despite this need for adaptability, many enterprises remain entrenched in legacy processes and outdated organizational hierarchies that impede their ability to rapidly detect and respond to signals from the marketplace.

Enterprises must embrace a more fluid way of working to compete effectively—one that quickly allows for new technologies to be assessed, tested, analyzed, and acted upon. This ‘fail fast, succeed faster’ mentality requires a fundamental shift in work culture and behavior.

Scale the benefits of Agile across the organization to translate digital disruption into transformation with the SAFe® Learner Subscription for enterprises.

Faster feedback through Agile

Agile was a major step toward enabling that shift, providing a rapid feedback loop between the drivers of business requirements and developers transforming them into solutions. However, Agile was developed for small teams and, by itself, does not scale to the needs of the larger enterprise. How do employees in an enterprise running 10, 20, or even hundreds of teams align with each other, the customer, and the greater vision of the business?

SAFe® and Lean thinking complete the solution

Hundreds of the world’s most successful enterprises have found the answer in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). SAFe marries the iterative development practices of Agile with the mindset of Lean manufacturing. Lean thinking aims to use fewer resources and eliminate waste to maximize customer value.

SAFe combined with Lean enables organizations to scale the benefits of Lean and Agile throughout every level of the organization, creating efficiencies, and linking strategy to execution. As can be seen in the Scaled Agile case studies, organizations across the globe leverage SAFe to achieve business results and transform into a digital business.

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Results—The Rewards of Lifelong Learning


Changing people’s behaviors, attitudes, and skills—and in the end, the culture of an entire enterprise—is no small feat. The result of this investment is an empowered and aligned team-of-Agile-teams ready to engage in solutions that deliver value, which directly correlates to the bottom line.

Typical results reported by SAFe enterprises include:

  • 30% happier, move motivated employees
  • 50% faster time-to-market
  • 50% defect reduction
  • 35% increase in productivity

With SAFe, hard work pays off even in the earliest stages of an implementation. Most organizations put SAFe into practice incrementally, sometimes with just one Agile Release Train and a few teams. This kind of rollout has proven time and time again to lead to both early wins and sustainable long-term gains. Talk with one of our sales solutions experts to find out how a SAFe® Learner Subscription can help your enterprise create a culture of Lean-Agile learning.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

—Peter Drucker

Discover how businesses and governments are succeeding with SAFe

The most powerful stories about SAFe come from organizations that have experienced its advantages. Browse the SAFe customer stories—many from the world’s leading brands—to see how real businesses leverage SAFe to improve time-to-market, increase productivity, boost quality, and improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Browse SAFe customer stories

“Our time-to-value has gone down using the SAFe process. If reaching production would normally take 1 1/2 years, now it could be eight months with the new processes and approach.”
—Hrishikesh Karekar, Lead Agile Coach, amdocs


“Changing customer expectations and the tremendous pace of market disruptions require a framework and processes that are quick, scalable, and responsive. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), with its nonlinear approach and adaptability, is the way of the future.”
Sundaresan Jagadeesan, Program Manager, Royal Philips
“With a proven framework, we can deliver solutions much faster and with less effort. SAFe defines the roles, teams, activities, and artifacts to apply Lean and Agile principles at enterprise scale, and provides outstanding training and coaching materials to increase our chance of success.”
Peter Vollmer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise