Keep on transforming

So, the organization has gotten to the tipping point, executives and team members have been identified and trained, and the first Agile Release Train (ART) has been launched. Great work! The first PI Planning event, ART launch, and PI deliverables will provide initial, measurable, and substantial business benefits including:

  • Business and development teams that align to a common vision and mission
  • Agreement around a new way of working, including a common method, language, cadence, and synchronized events
  • Establishment of new roles and responsibilities
  • A new culture that supports teams taking responsibility for planning their own futures

And now, most importantly, the first PI deliverables have illustrated the value effectiveness of adopting the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Now that some initial business results have been gained, how does the organization keep SAFe, the business results it is delivering, and the momentum alive? How does the business not only keep its initial ART launches on the tracks, but also grow SAFe practices across the organization? What is the process for taking SAFe to the Solution and Portfolio Levels?

The Implementation Roadmap provides guidance for growing SAFe within an organization, including the training and toolkits needed to expand SAFe throughout the Enterprise, but there are a few key steps to keep in mind:

Conduct the Inspect and Adapt
This is essential to the success of further implementation. Identifying the roadblocks faced by the first ART launch and making preparations to avoid them in the future is critical to moving forward faster.

Communicate the successes of the first ART launch
Communication is key to any SAFe transformation, not just because it is necessary for Enterprise agility, but because visibility into SAFe’s business results will accelerate the adoption of practices and principles throughout the organization.

Identify and launch new ARTs
This step should be realized quickly, as momentum is key to a full transformation. Launching more ARTs allows the business to start realizing the fuller benefits of SAFe in new areas. It’s sometimes necessary to conduct more Value Stream Identification workshops to achieve this.

Don’t declare victory too soon
It is important not to get too excited after launching that first ART. Changing habits takes a lot of time and practice. Make sure to keep that first train on the tracks as this new way of working and thinking takes root within the company. Culture comes from habits, and habits come from constant reinforcement of the goals leaders are trying to reach.

Know When to Reach Out For Help


The value of the SAFe Community Platform

Long-term success with SAFe depends on continually learning, adapting, and applying that knowledge to the Enterprise. Those who are trained on the Scaled Agile Framework gain access to the SAFe Community Platform, where SAFe trained professionals and SAFe certified professionals can interact with the SAFe Community around the world, accessing the latest developments in SAFe, hearing about other’s experiences, and getting answers for the toughest SAFe implementations.

Access to the SAFe Community Platform enables users to:

  • Network with the global community of SAFe practitioners
  • Get answers to questions that are unique to their implementation
  • Explore career opportunities for SAFe certified professionals
  • Share ideas with more than 450,000 trained professionals
  • Sharpen SAFe skills with access to professional development videos

Interactions found on the Platform’s Communities of Practice, along with participation in Meetups and online exchanges through social media, help users foster their knowledge of SAFe and grow the best SAFe Community possible. Scaled Agile, Inc. encourages everyone—regardless of where they are on their SAFe journey—to connect with other like-minded SAFe professionals.

Learn more about the SAFe Community Platform.