Why Engage with Us?

Scaled Agile, Inc. Consulting Services comprises globally recognized SAFe® experts and industry thought leaders in Lean-Agile transformation. These individuals are closest to the source of SAFe and regularly tap into the people who developed and continue to evolve the Scaled Agile Framework. Rather than landing and maintaining long rollouts, the Scaled Agile Consulting Services team often pairs with Scaled Agile Partners to provide guidance around the most challenging transformations. The team excels at launching initial Agile Release Trains (ARTs), taking SAFe transformations to the next level, and helping unblock enterprises that find themselves stuck.

Scaled Agile consultants have real-world experience guiding market-driven companies in the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework. They’ve been where you are and experienced the same pains, and know how to bring depth and fidelity to your company’s SAFe transformation.

When not onsite at enterprises leading transformations, Scaled Agile consultants can be found at events, speaking on Lean-Agile topics, running webinars to share their knowledge, and writing articles in support of SAFe and SAFe-related topics.