Are there limits on copying SAFe content?

Yes. Copyright law and the Doctrine of Fair Use limit the amount of SAFe content that others can reproduce, and it requires that copied content be followed by “© Scaled Agile, Inc.”  If you seek to use what could be considered a substantial amount of copyright materials (text and/or graphics), check with us first by submitting a permission … Keep reading

What is the “Introducing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)” presentation?

“Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) for Lean Enterprises” is a presentation that evolved from and replaces “SAFe Foundations,” and can be found under the Resources tab on the Presentations and Videos page. It is an ideal way to introduce people to SAFe and comes with speaker notes, so it offers valuable guidance on how … Keep reading

I still have questions.

To have someone contact you, use the Contact Us request form for more information and support.

Can I train others on SAFe?

Only Scaled Agile, Inc. certified consultants and Partners may provide SAFe training, and they can do so only using our courseware, workbooks, and other material, according to a written license agreement.

How do I learn more about SAFe training and certifications?

SAFe training is vital to ensuring the success of a SAFe transformation. For detailed information, see the How to get SAFe certified page and the courses overview. And you can find courses all over the world on the Training Calendar.

What are the best alternatives to remote training?

Our vast Partner network reaches most parts of the world. Scaled Agile, Inc. has talented and well-connected people who manage regions across the globe and can coordinate regional assistance for in-person training.

Why is distance learning prohibited?

We do not permit remote delivery of courses, because the SAFe is largely experiential. Classes must be taught and attended in person, and we no longer make exceptions to the Courseware License Agreement’s in-person requirement.