Are there any books about SAFe?

Yes, there are SAFe books  that provide excellent learning material. Here are two: SAFe® Distilled: Applying the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems, by Richard Knaster and Dean Leffingwell, and SAFe® 4.0 Reference Guide: Scaled Agile Framework® for Lean Software and Systems Engineering, by Dean Leffingwell with Alex Yakyma, Richard Knaster, Drew Jemilo, … Keep reading

Can I use LiveLessons instead of the Leading SAFe course?

No, Leading SAFe LiveLessons may be used to learn and to refresh your understanding of SAFe, but they cannot be used alone as a basis for certification; only the formal courses with the SAFe courseware are the path toward certification.

What are Leading SAFe LiveLessons?

Leading SAFe LiveLessons are found on the Leading SAFe 4.5 LiveLessons Video Training page and provide an in-depth exploration of how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging SAFe and its underlying principles of Lean systems thinking, Agile development, and product development flow.