When can I start teaching my 4.6 classes?

You can start teaching 4.6 classes on or after 11/14/2018. This gives you one week to purchase the kits, print materials, and finalize your preparation to teach.

When can I access 4.6 course materials?

SAFe 4.6 licensed courses will be released on November 7th. You will have access to purchase SAFe 4.6 courseware licensed materials starting on November 7th, providing validation is in place. SAFe 4.6 Big Picture website, articles and other updated materials will be available from 10/3.

I’m a SPC3 or SA3, can I upgrade to 4.6?

For SPC3s and SA3s, the upgrade path to a SAFe 4 certification was available through August 31, 2018. Now you will need to take a 4.6 course because there is no upgrade path from 3.0 to SAFe 4 (Versions 4.0, 4.5 or 4.6).  You can search available classes at www.scaledagile.com/calendar. The SAFe 4 Certification is the … Keep reading