How do I prepare to teach a course?

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SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) are eligible to teach SAFe courses. SPCs must complete Course Delivery Enablements (CDEs) in order to be validated to teach a SAFe course.

CDEs are:

  • A series of videos compiled in a Learning Plan
  • Familiarize you with the course material and walk you through the activities and exercises, so you’re comfortable running them in a class environment.
  • Each CDE Learning Plan also contains a validation exam designed to simulate the experience your students will encounter when they take their certification exams

Note: You must pass the exam and be validated for each course before you can teach a class.


Completing a CDE provides an SPC access to the licenses for that course. When at least one license is purchased, the courseware kit will be available for download. To download the courseware, go to the Course Admin tab and click on the courseware section. Once you accept the license agreement, you will be provided a download link.

Last Updated On August 01, 2018