How do I upload a course roster?

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To access their certification exams and digital learning plan, your students must first be uploaded into the SAFe Community Platform by way of a course roster. Follow these steps to upload a roster:

  1. Create a Course listing in the Course Admin section of the SAFe Community Platform by following the instructions in this video.
  2. Insure that all of the trainers have been added
  3. After all the trainers have been added to the course, click the Download Sample CSV button. A folder will download to your computer. This folder contains two files:
    • The first file is a READ ME file – Be sure to read this file before filling out the Sample Roster CSV template.
    • The second file is the Sample Roster CSV template – Each column must be filled out completely to avoid receiving any errors when you try to upload.
  4. After the CSV template is completed, save the file.
  5. Return to the course in the Community Platform and click the Upload Roster button.
  6. Select the saved file and click upload.

If the upload was successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation. If you receive an error while trying to upload the roster, read the message and adjust the information on the CSV file accordingly

Last Updated On August 01, 2018