In order to support the global awareness of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), Scaled Agile, Inc. has launched a Meetup Program for Certified SAFe professionals who wish to host a SAFe Meetup in their local area.

The following  information provides details on Scaled Agile’s current Meetup program offerings. Support for this program will likely expand throughout the year, and feedback is welcome as Scaled Agile works to evolve this program!

Strategic guidance

Scaled Agile can offer support and guidance for Meetup planners in the following areas:

  • Date & location selection based on related events in the surrounding area
  • Potential discussion topics or themes
  • Partners or individuals to contact regarding collaboration efforts

Meetup kit

In appreciation of everyone’s efforts to support the growth of SAFe across the globe, Scaled Agile covers the expenses of a Meetup kit for each hosted event. Kits include a variety of SAFe-branded materials which may include:

  • ARTs (everyone’s favorite smiley-faced cell phone and business card holder)
  • Pens
  • White papers
  • Big Picture placemats
  • Estimating cards
  • SAFe Reference Guides
  • Scaled Agile’s latest books
    …and more!

Requesting a Meetup kit

Once a Meetup is scheduled, the host can contact to request a Meetup kit. It is recommended that they request their kit at least one month in advance of the Meetup date. Meetup kit materials may vary from kit to kit, and will be dependent on current inventory.

Marketing support

Once the Meetup is scheduled, be sure to reach out for marketing guidance and assistance. Scaled Agile can help guide marketing strategy, as well as aid in the promotion of the Meetup through social media, the Scaled Agile event calendar, and the official SAFe Meetup group on

Collaboration with SAFe Fellows and SPCTs

If hosts would like to discuss the topic of their Meetup with a SAFe Fellow or SPCT, Scaled Agile can assist in connecting them with a subject matter expert (SME). While it is not guaranteed, if a SME is available to attend the event, Scaled Agile will make every effort to have them join—and speak at—the Meetup.

Ready to get started?

Contact to get connected with the Scaled Agile Meetup Manager.