Learn from SAFe’s global community

With over 450,000 SAFe® professionals in over 110 countries, there is likely a Certified SAFe® professional nearby. Drawing upon this vast network of individuals can help achieve successful SAFe implementations, support continuous learning, and advance careers. Connect with the global SAFe community to advance learning through Scaled Agile’s robust SAFe Community Platform, webinars, conferences, and worldwide Meetups in places like Mumbai, Paris, Chicago, and Mexico City.

This popular online platform enables the management of certifications, participation in exclusive SAFe Communities of Practice (CoPs), and advancement of knowledge and skills through professional development videos. Log in to access the Platform and begin connecting, engaging, and networking with other Certified SAFe® professionals.

Joining the SAFe Community Platform comes with benefits:

  • Network with the global community of SAFe professionals
  • Get answers to questions that are unique to new implementations
  • Explore career opportunities for Certified SAFe® professionals
  • Share ideas with more than 250,000 SAFe-trained professionals who can provide insights and encouragement for SAFe implements
  • Sharpen SAFe skills with a personal learning network

Dive into the SAFe Community Platform

The heart of the community for Certified SAFe® professionals is the SAFe Community Platform—the go-to resource for skill-building and advancing one’s knowledge of SAFe. The SAFe Community Platform allows individuals to:

The SAFe Community Platform provides a wide variety of resources to help maximize a person’s role within a SAFe enterprise. This is where practitioners can expand their knowledge of the Framework with professional development videos and enablement tools, enhance professional qualifications by accessing certification exams or registering for SAFe trainings, and connect with Certified SAFe® professionals through exclusive Communities of Practice (CoPs).


What membership provides

Communities of Practice

Access the SAFe Community Platform to engage in one of two online Communities of Practice:

  • Private for those with certifications
  • Public for individuals trained in SAFe, but not certified

Professional development training videos

Learn directly from SAFe Fellows and other SAFe experts through the SAFe Community Platform’s frequently updated collection of professional development videos, including:

  • How to lead a SAFe implementation
  • Guidance on building Kanban boards
  • SAFe DevOps overview
  • Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) breakdown
  • And many more!

Toolkits for SAFe Program Consultants

Toolkits help SPCs achieve successful SAFe implementations by providing resources that assist in coaching transformations. What’s more, each toolkit includes enablement programs that offer slides or video guidance on how to get the most out of each toolkit.  Available Toolkits include:

  • Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop Toolkit
  • Program Increment Toolkit
  • SAFe Program Portfolio Management (PPM) Workshop Toolkit
  • Essential SAFe Toolkit


Course delivery enablement for SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs)

Course Delivery Enablement (CDE) videos take SPCs through the design, presentation strategies, and exercise facilitation techniques they need to successfully deliver a SAFe course. Each enablement program includes a series of video modules designed to support each class topic. After watching the videos, SPCs can take the exam to reinforce what was learned.


Digital badges for sharing credentials online

Certified SAFe® members of the community will receive a digital badge representing their certification level and skills. This badge validates an individual’s abilities in real-time in a simple, trusted, and easily verified way.

Badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what individuals had to do to earn the credential and the capabilities associated with the badge. Through the digital badging platform, Acclaim, practitioners can search and apply for job opportunities.

Acclaim pulls labor market insights from job requisitions across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and other countries. Search the active job listings in Acclaim to find employers who are hiring as well as what job titles and salary ranges practitioners might be qualified for. Apply for positions with just a few clicks.