Just as the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) connects teams across the organization, Scaled Agile, Inc. offers many other ways to interact with—and learn from—SAFe peers.

Case studies

For insights into how SAFe Community Platform members are achieving outstanding business results with the Framework, read the Scaled Agile case studies. These provide implementation stories from a wide range of industries including software, telecom, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and electronics. The case studies highlight results, including improved time-to-market, quality, productivity, and employee engagement.

White papers

Get an in-depth overview of the Scaled Agile Framework in an easily digestible format. Scaled Agile white papers are a helpful resource for informing others about SAFe and educating team members, managers, and executives on the benefits of the Framework.


Stay up-to-date on new SAFe offerings and updates to the SAFe Community Platform with a variety of webinars offered throughout the year. Get essential information for coaching and training with SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)-specific webinars, or dive into topics affecting the Agile community, such as:

  • Achieving Regulatory & Industry Standards Compliance with SAFe
  • Opportunities for Project Managers in Lean-Agile Enterprises

SAFe Meetups

SAFe Meetups across the globe present opportunities for SAFe professionals to connect with each other face-to-face, exchange best practices, and gain knowledge of SAFe in a local setting. Whenever possible, SAFe experts attend or speak at these sessions to further enable learning and sharing.

Individuals can host a SAFe Meetup in their local community. Scaled Agile will send them a Meetup kit, complete with SAFe handouts and tips for running a successful meeting. Scaled Agile can also help with:

  • Support for a marketing strategy via:
  • Topic selection
  • Access to SAFe experts who may be available to speak at an event
  • Branded banner and badge graphics for Meetup pages
  • Assistance connecting with members of the Scaled Agile Partner Network and potential co-sponsors

Past Meetup topics have included:

  • Essential SAFe—The 10 Most Essential Elements Required for a Successful SAFe Implementation
  • The SAFe Implementation Roadmap—A Step-by-Step Guide through a SAFe Transformation
  • How to Do Successful Team Building with Distributed SAFe Teams
  • An Overview of SAFe Program Increment (PI) Planning
  • Anti-patterns and Anti-bodies to Change: 9 Ways to Break a SAFe Implementation
  • Lean and Agile Budgeting Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Interested in starting a Meetup? Scaled Agile has put together some essential information to help get started:

Meetup group guidance
Meetup program support


Regardless of role—practitioner, instructor, consultant, or enterprise business leader—there is no better place to connect with the community behind SAFe transformations than at the annual SAFe Summits. Attendees will be able to meet other people working on their transformations, identify opportunities for leveraging working relationships, and evaluate transformation or platform companies that could support a transformation.

This year, we are offering both a Global SAFe Summit in San Diego, CA as well as an European SAFe Summit in Frankfurt, Germany.

Both events provide access to SAFe experts including thought leaders such as SAFe creator, Dean Leffingwell, and the team of SAFe Fellows and contributors. They will share best practices around SAFe, lead sessions on basic and advanced topics, and provide insights into the evolution of the Framework.

What’s more, attendees will hear about SAFe transformations directly from enterprises, who will share their SAFe journeys and lessons learned along the way.

Visit safesummit.com for details on this year’s events.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


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Facebook – Facebook is a great way to connect with SAFe professionals on a more personal level, where individuals will not only get access to the latest news from Scaled Agile and SAFe, but will see the SAFe community in more casual settings as they celebrate their successes! Follow us on Facebook.


Twitter – Short on time? Get the latest from Scaled Agile in 280 characters or less. Follow @Scaledagile to get breaking news and events from the Scaled Agile team. Use the hashtag #SAFe when posting tweets to make sure that the community is alerted to SAFe news.