Renewing a partnership is easy

Members of the Scaled Agile Partner Program must renew their membership annually, and renew upon payment of the yearly fee unless terminated by the partner or by Scaled Agile. Renewal is a good time to evaluate an organization’s partnership level and whether it is ready to grow to the next level.

Is it time to upgrade to a Silver or Gold Partnership?

Many partners are content to remain at the Bronze level. Maintaining a basic listing in the Partner Directory of the Scaled Agile website provides them with a satisfactory amount of new business, and they enjoy the recognition they receive from the thought leadership articles and case studies published in the Scaled Agile Insider community newsletter. But other partners want more. Here are a few things to think about when deciding whether to upgrade to a higher level.

A Silver Partnership can help expand the business

More demanding customers often want to know whether a partner has sector or other specialized knowledge in addition to Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) expertise. Silver Partners can call out those strengths in their Partner Directory listing. But perhaps more importantly, Silver Partners can add their SAFe classes and events to the Scaled Agile Partner Training and Events Calendar, a heavily visited area of the website (also linked to from, which provides valuable exposure to partner events.

A Gold Partnership enables full engagement with SAFe

Gold Partners receive a dedicated page of content on the Scaled Agile Partner Directory, as well as top consideration of their thought leadership articles for the Scaled Agile Insider newsletter. They have priority access to Scaled Agile thought leaders for consulting and speaking engagements, and advanced notice of changes to the Framework. Like Silver Partners, Gold Partners can add their SAFe classes and events to the Scaled Agile Training and Event Calendar. Gold Partnership also provides access to the program for becoming a Certified SAFe® 4 Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT), the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile, and enables partners to teach the Implementing SAFe® class.