The Scaled Agile Partner Network

The Scaled Agile Partner Network, as part of the Scaled Agile Partner Program, is comprised of organizations from one-person consulting shops to large business enterprises across the globe. Minimally, a prospective partner needs one or more persons on staff with Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Program Consultant (SPC) certification and experience to lead the adoption of the Framework and launch Agile Release Trains. However, good partners look beyond SPC certification and seek to build a business around SAFe, becoming fully engaged with the SAFe community.

Successful partners are committed to:

  • Supporting the whole enterprise in its Agile transformation
  • Spreading the principles and practice of SAFe throughout the enterprise, beyond just the development teams
  • Teaching an extensive, rigorous, role-based curriculum that addresses all key positions in a SAFe implementation to enable their success
  • Achieving business results for their customers through the full application of SAFe principles

Becoming a Scaled Agile Partner

Begin the journey to becoming a Scaled Agile Partner

An honest self-evaluation is the first step. Although the process for becoming a Scaled Agile Partner is relatively simple, achieving true success requires prospective partners to carefully assess why they want to become one and what resources they are willing to commit to the effort.

Successful partners believe in agility at scale and the power of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to effectively transform organizations. Companies who are motivated solely by adding another certification badge to their portfolio are unlikely to achieve the full value from a partnership. Once committed, partners can evaluate three levels of partnership as they seek to lead customer transformations.

Get started with a Bronze partnership

This basic partnership provides a listing in the Partner Directory of the Scaled Agile website along with a hyperlink to the partner’s website. Bronze Partners are licensed to co-brand their web page with the Scaled Agile Partner logo and employ the partner branding kit for promoting SAFe within their business. Bronze Partners also have the opportunity to submit thought leadership articles and case studies to be published in the Scaled Agile Insider community newsletter. Bronze Partners gain access to the Scaled Agile Partner Portal, which provides a wealth of information and collateral to help their SAFe practice.

Raise a professional profile with a Silver partnership

In addition to the benefits included in a Bronze partnership, Silver Partners can more actively market their listing in the Scaled Agile Partner Directory, calling out areas of expertise and certification levels, and highlighting organizational strengths. Silver Partners can add SAFe classes and SAFe-specific events to the online Partner Events List. Named Silver Partner consultants can access Scaled Agile’s robust support team.

Master Agile transformation with a Gold partnership

Gold Partners receive a dedicated page of content on the Scaled Agile Partner Network website as well as top consideration of their thought leadership articles for the Scaled Agile Insider newsletter. They have priority access to Scaled Agile thought leaders for consulting and speaking engagements, and advanced notice of changes to the Framework. This level provides access to the program for SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification, the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile.

Different partner types

Scaled Agile relies on two types of partner specialties—tooling and services—to help enterprises achieve Agile at scale. Each partner type brings a different perspective and plays a different role in supporting enterprises looking to scale Agile.

Tooling partners: Work to integrate the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) into their tooling or application lifecycle management (ALM) solution to help users visualize, manage, and execute Agile work. These SAFe-based tools support enterprise-wide collaboration, quality management, and business intelligence. SAFe tooling partners gain early access to the latest developments in the Scaled Agile Framework, which provides essential input for tool development.

Service partners: Leverage SAFe Authorized Courseware to expand upon or build an existing training business. Scaled Agile continually expands the SAFe role-based curriculum to help partners deliver value through consistent and rigorous courseware that’s based on a ubiquitous framework, common terminology, repeatable processes, and proven results. Services partners are equipped to help their customers achieve better alignment, cadence, synchronization, and collaboration across the organization.

Service partners are dedicated to achieving successful customer outcomes. Scaled Agile provides flexible pairing models to give partners the support they need, anywhere along the implementation roadmap. Services partners also have special access to SAFe intellectual property, toolkits, enablement, and downloads to assist with their implementations.

Onsite guidance, provided by Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile’s Partner Enablement Program Providing Enterprise Resources (PEPPER) helps partners quickly build out a referenceable customer base by pairing a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Fellow with an SPC from a Scaled Agile Partner for new or existing customer engagements. Partners learn from experienced SAFe experts and see firsthand how to deliver positive outcomes that can be turned into success stories and case studies.

Partners can pair with Scaled Agile SAFe Fellows for as many days as needed for activities such as:

  • Executive Workshops
  • Leading SAFe Training
  • Value Stream Workshops
  • Program Increment Planning
  • Launching Agile Release Trains
  • Facilitating Inspect and Adapts
  • Program Portfolio Management Workshop
  • Other SAFe trainings
  • Additional coaching