Agil8 is a UK-based Agile training / consulting specialist.

We provide Agile Consulting services and can hand-hold teams as they embark upon their Agile transformation, with a focus on the pragmatic application of the most suitable mix of techniques for large scale and challenging environments.

We deliver a wide range of entry-level to advanced agile training, both technical and non-technical, fully certified and non-certified, across all agile methods, including SAFe, Scrum and Kanban.  Agil8 trainers have delivered Scaled Agile training since January 2014 and currently provide the following courses:

The agil8 team, each with over 15 years’ agile experience, has been responsible for the training and certification of over 8,000 people, Scaled Agile implementations of up to 150+ teams working on the same software product and Agile Release Trains of over 200 developers.