Agil8 is a UK-based Agile training / consulting specialist.

Agil8 bring clarity and focus to the business of agile transformation. We cut through the hype to help our clients understand and successfully apply agile methods, to deliver projects, products and services that delight their customers.

We do this through practical, results-focused training, consulting and coaching for teams, management and senior leadership – with a focus on the pragmatic application of the most suitable mix of techniques for large scale and challenging environments.

We deliver a wide range of agile training, from entry-level to advanced – both technical and non-technical, fully certified and non-certified, across all agile methods, including Scrum, Kanban and SAFe.

We currently provide the following SAFe courses:

SAFe Agilist: Leading: SAFe 4.6

SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager 4.6

SAFe Practitioner: SAFe for Teams

SAFe ScrumMaster

SAFe Advanced ScrumMaster

Agil8 trainers, each with over 15 years’ agile experience, have delivered Scaled Agile training since January 2014 and have been responsible for the training and certification of over 8,000 people. They have also undertaken Scaled Agile implementations of up to 150+ teams working on the same software product and Agile Release Trains of over 200 developers.