Agile Advantages is a proud Silver Partner of Scaled Agile. Agile Advantages is a leading consultancy firm providing Agile Transformation, Coaching and Training services, with offices in Dallas, and Milwakee. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging industry leaders.

We have deep expertise in SAFe® Implementation on SAP and Non-SAP platforms. By leveraging our proven ATM™ Adoption Assessment framework, we identify the areas that presents the greatest opportunities to relieve organization’s current pain points and drive future Agile transformational improvements, develop recommendations and implementation roadmap.

Our consultants and coaches are top experts in the field with at least 12 to 15 years of experience who can add value to our clients, built on a foundation of professional and relational trust. We conduct training and coaching sessions for public and cross functional teams with real time examples and case studies, to help you realize your full Agile potential.

Some of our clients are Estee Lauder, HCSC, BCBS, Microsoft, Christie’s, Hilton worldwide, Adobe, Bank of America, Anthem, Boing etc.

Let’s work together! There are enough opportunities and we have talent to connect you to achieve your business agility!