Blue Agility specializes in large-scale Agile transformations leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and IBM’s Application Lifecycle Management tools.

We work with firms that are looking to adopt Agile at the enterprise level as well as assisting firms in determining the appropriate tooling to best support specific departmental and corporate development needs. Using DevOps solutions, we provide a framework of people, process and technology, enabling the enterprise with continuous delivery capabilities.

To make your transformation that much simpler, Blue Agility provides a customizable Add-On based on SAFe for use in IBM RTC. Our skilled consultants work with your executive staff, development managers and development teams to assess which projects are best to pilot as representative of the environment that will ultimately be deployed enterprise-wide. Blue Agility coaches and trains your staff through these pilots with on-site programs. Leveraging bluejazz, our award winning proprietary, on-demand knowledge repository, organizations access customized role-based tool usage models, ensuring scalable and sustainable enterprise-wide transformations with end-to-end traceability.

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Continuous Delivery (DevOps)

Development and Operations (DevOps) is an expanded approach to Application Lifecycle Management. It focuses not only on the Development aspects of a system but also the Operational side. It addresses four main specialized areas:

    • Plan and measure to align product and portfolio management investments with business objectives.
    • Develop and test for planning, creation, development, and testing of a business idea (as outlined within Application Lifecycle Management).
    • Release and deploy to automate releases and drive rapid and reliable software deployments.
    • Monitor and optimize to understand the performance and customer behavior associated with the software and agilely adapt plans accordingly.

Our expertise across IBM-Rational’s suite of DevOps tools enables enterprises within a continuous delivery framework. Helping your organization realize true value flow to your clients.