Australia’s leading provider of SAFe®training and consulting

At Context Matters, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s leading providers of SAFe training and consulting. The founding partners – Em Campbell-Pretty and Mark Richards, were responsible for the first Australian implementation, and have worked exclusively in the SAFe domain since early 2012 – commencing slightly prior to SAFe’s formalisation as a trademarked framework.

We have contributed 3 of the 14 official case studies for the framework, and are frequent presenters at conferences both in Australia and abroad on the topic of successful SAFe implementation. After introducing the framework at Telstra, we have gone on to both consult and train on SAFe adoption and implementation in the government, insurance, finance, education and information technology sectors. In the process, we have delivered over 80% of the certified SAFe training in Australia.

Succeeding with SAFe requires effective alignment of technical capability with business strategy underpinned by a leadership dedicated to creating a culture of continuous improvement. It also requires adapting the framework to your unique organisational context. At Context Matters, we come with proven experience accompanied by a fundamental belief that the solutions should be created by the organisation, not the consultants. In the words of Dean Leffingwell, “the foundation of Lean is Leadership, and the foundation of SAFe is you”.


emEm Campell-Pretty

After close to 20 years in senior business management roles within multinational blue chip corporations, Em discovered Agile and became passionate about the chance it provides to align business and IT around the delivery of value. In 2012, she launched Australia’s first Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agile Release Train. This SAFe implementation is now one of the most widely referenced case studies in the world. Em is passionate about building great teams and transforming culture whilst still maintaining focus and commitment to delivering business outcomes.

markMark Richards

Whilst coaching Australia’s first Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) implementation at Telstra, Mark was invited to join the first class to be certified as SAFe Program Consultants when the framework launched in 2012. Since then, he has both trained and consulted on the implementation of SAFe in the government, insurance, finance and education sectors. In late 2013, his contributions to the framework’s evolution and success with implementation led to him becoming the first person worldwide to be certified as a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT).


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