Scaling Agile Across Your Enterprise

LitheSpeed is a cadre of leading scrum trainers, agile coaches, and consultants on a mission to transform workplaces into environments that promote self-management, continuous improvement, and high morale.  LitheSpeed brings over 15 years of hands-on experience helping some of the most respected brands in the world implement Agile at scale.

If your company is ready to scale Agile methods from teams to the entire enterprise, join forces with us to craft a custom approach based on your organization’s strengths.  LitheSpeed’s Path to Enterprise Agility will help you jumpstart and maintain an Agile organization.

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Scaling with SAFe

LitheSpeed helps companies achieve success by guiding them along the SAFe implementation roadmap.  We have a team of SPCs who work with your company to:

  1. Coach your teams along the program increment
  2. When your company is ready, help you scale
  3. Assess where you are
  4. Get started with a SAFe Jumpstart
  5. Help identify the first ART, prepare and launch it

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