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Temenos+Agility is a global Organization Development consulting firm dedicated to the research and application of deep Enterprise, Cultural, Agility, and Leadership Transformation approaches and tools, specializing in Lean-Agile, Enterprise Agility, Change Agent Programs and Leadership Transformation. Our convention is to apply Lean Systems Thinking in your business venture to introduce affirmative changes. We are one of the few worldwide Gold SPCT Transformation Partners of Scaled Agile Inc. with over 100 years of combined experience in deep Enterprise, Cultural, Agility, and Leadership transformations, having launched close to 200 Agile Release Trains and trained more than 1400 SPCs around the world.

The true power resides in the “+”. Temenos+Agility is a combined experience of two parallels. We engage Lean Agile Methodologies & Temenos Enterprise & Leadership Transformation models to produce a healthy organizational culture.

We believe “If Agile involves with the container’s extrinsic transformation then Temenos methodology is the gateway entrance to the inherent transformation of the organization and its followers.”

We provide a wide range of offerings in Organization Development, Enterprise Agility, Technical Agility and Offshore Advisory, as well as all SAFe trainings . Operating in the US, India, Canada, and Europe, we are uniquely positioned to work with the Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) whose operations and development centers span the globe.