empowering your ideas

We believe innovation requires an entrepreneurial mindset combined with the courage to push boundaries and break new ground.

transforming your vision

We help companies transform their vision from a smart idea into a resounding market success. In doing so, we cover every phase of the business innovation process and accompany products and applications from the initial idea through to the implementation and operation.

expertise across domains

We help to identify, develop and test new ideas. With us as your partner, your company can progress quickly and reliably outside of traditional ways of working. Our promise: As a strong solutions partner, we contribute our expertise across domains, and take responsibility for your success – even after completion of a project.

passionate team players

We rely on the skills and expertise of our employees. This is why we invest a significant proportion of our turnover in training and further education. In this way we ensure that the specialist competencies essential to success are skilfully combined in our interdisciplinary teams. Team work with you is also very important to us. Working with Zühlke as a partner means: personal commitment, mutual trust, open sharing of knowledge, and visible enthusiasm for the project. We are passionate team players, guided by the goal of making our customers successful.

our academy

Our training concept includes specialist courses and workshops in the fields of innovation, software engineering and product development. Zühlke trainers are highly skilled professionals with additional instructor qualifications. Due to their ongoing engagement in their fields, only the newest teaching methods and knowledge are part of our programmes. Find out more on our academy website.

Zühlke locations

Zühlke has local teams in Austria, Germany, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


To learn more about Zühlke, visit www.zuehlke.com