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Learn how the US Department of Defense is using SAFe to build out a cyber-factory to defend against cyber-attacks. Understand the difference between leadership buy-in and engagement, why engagement is so much more powerful, and how to get it. Hear answers to commonly asked questions around remote PIPlanning and normalized story points

SAFe in the News

DoD ramps up development of a ‘cyber factory’

By: Mark Pomerleau

The two questions we answer in this episode are:

  • How do we conduct PI Planning with people who are remote? How do we overcome time differences and what tools do we use?
  • Why does SAFe use normalized story points?

Meet Your Co-Hosts

Melissa Reeve

Vice President of Marketing
Melissa Reeve is the Vice President of Marketing at Scaled Agile, Inc. In this role, Melissa guides the marketing team, helping people better understand Scaled Agile, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its mission.

Joe Vallone

SPCT, SAFe Fellow
Joe Vallone is an experienced Agile Coach and Trainer and has been involved in the Lean and Agile communities since 2002. Mr. Vallone has helped coach several large-scale Agile transitions at Zynga, Apple, Microsoft, VCE, Nokia, AT&T, and American Airlines. Prior to founding Agile Business Connect, Joe Vallone served as an Agile Coach at Ciber, CTO/CIO of We The People, and the VP of Engineering for Telogical Systems.