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COVID-19 Impact: March 23-May 1


Welcome to Proctored Testing

Scaled Agile is committed to the integrity of your learning and certification credentials. SAI is implementing proctored testing to provide a safe, secure, and verified way of delivering the SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) 5.0 exam at a location that is convenient to you using a live-remote proctored testing platform.

As part of Scaled Agile’s proctored testing initiative, SAI is inviting a select group of approximately 200 global students to participate in the SPC proctored exam global pilot starting in January, 2020. Upon completion of the Implementing SAFe 5.0 instructor-led course, these students will be given an opportunity to schedule and take the SPC 5.0 exam with a live, remote proctor using a new exam delivery platform accessed through students’ learning plans in the SAFe Community Platform. This SPC 5.0 exam is the same exam offered worldwide as part of the Implementing SAFe 5.0 course. The only difference is how the exam is being delivered.

Benefits of Proctored Exam Pilot for Students

  • Students participating in this pilot can take the SPC 5.0 exam up to 5 times free of charge ($250 retake fees will be waived).
  • The 30 day testing window will be waived so students can take the SPC 5.0 exam after 30 days without any retake fee.
  • The exam retake wait period of 10 or 30 days will be removed.
  • The exam can be taken or retaken anytime up to 5 attempts until August 1, 2020* (updated from June to August due to COVID-19).
  • Students in this pilot will be among the first to provide feedback to help set the standard for Scaled Agile’s proctored testing initiative in 2020.
  • These benefits are good through August 1, 2020*, are for identified pilot participants only, and cannot be shared or transferred.
  • Full support as well as detailed instructions will be included as part of each student’s learning plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs will be added and updated throughout the pilot. Last Update: April 7, 2020.

Why am I unable to schedule or take my exam between March 23-May 1?

If you have an upcoming testing session scheduled before May 1 OR you would like to schedule an exam, these activities are currently on hold due to the impact of COVID-19 on Examity offices. Examity, the company we use to schedule and proctor the SPC exam, posted the announcement below on their website.

We are monitoring this situation closely and have been given an April 1 date when scheduling and testing can resume. If you have a proctored testing date already scheduled on or after May 1, you should be fine. If you need to schedule your exam, you can do now as long as your appointment is after May 1. If this date changes we will post updates here. The number of free exam attempts you have will not be impacted and we will ensure you are fully supported. We have also  moved out the pilot date from June 1 to August 1.
Announcement From Examity – March 22, 2020 Update as of 1:00 PM ET
Due to staff safety concerns related to COVID-19, the Examity platform is temporarily down. Consequently, test-takers will not be able to access their proctoring appointments today. Our team is actively working towards a resolution. We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Please note, if you have a proctoring session scheduled for today, you will be able to reschedule your appointment once service comes back online.

How do I take my exam?
  1. Attend the Implementing SAFe 5.0 class.
  2. Upon course completion, receive a Welcome e-mail with a link to your Implementing SAFe 5.0 Learning Plan found in the SAFe Community Platform.
  3. Review and agree to Scaled Agile’s proctored testing initiative terms within the learning plan.
  4. Click the “Launch” button when you are ready to schedule the SPC exam. Scheduling the exam is required before you can take it. 
    Note: Additional instructions will be provided in your learning plan if you have questions on how to  schedule the exam.
  5. Create an account on the CMS/Examity proctoring platform and schedule the test anytime that is convenient for you. If you schedule outside 24 hours there is no fee. If you schedule “on demand” within 24 hours, there is a small fee.
  6. Take the exam at your scheduled time.
  7. Receive your SAFe Certification and digital badge upon successfully passing the exam. If you do not pass, you can reschedule the exam.
  8. Provide optional feedback through a survey included with your learning plan.
Where can I take the proctored exam?

You can take the exam anywhere you have a fast and reliable internet connection, access to a computer with a camera (exams cannot be delivered using a tablet or cellular phone), and a clean, quiet environment (office, conference room, home, etc.).

How many times can I take the exam as part of the pilot?

You can take the SPC 5.0 exam up to 5 times free of charge ($250 retake fees will be waived until the end of the pilot on August 1, 2020).

Will my information be shared with CMS Item Experts?

You will have to complete the Permissions survey (found in your learning plan) in order for you to be authorized to take the exam through CMS Item Experts. Once you accept the Permissions terms, your first name, last name, and email you provided on the course roster will be encrypted and shared with our third party exam provider, CMS.  If you do not agree to share this information you will not gain access to the exam.

How long is the proctored testing pilot?

Students have until August 1, 2019 to schedule and take the SPC 5.0 exam under the proctored testing pilot. This includes free testing up to 5 retakes. After the 5th retake or August 1st, students will have to pay a $250 retake fee.

How many free exam retakes do I get?

Up to five (5) total free exam attempts are included as part of the proctored testing pilot until August 1, 2019. After the 5th retake or August 1st, students will have to pay a $250 retake fee.

What if I fail the exam five times before August 1, 2020?

You will have to wait until August 2, 2020 (after the pilot is over) and then you can schedule your retake. $250 retake fee will apply.

When will I get access to the SPC exam?

Once you have completed the Implementing 5.0 class and the class roster has been uploaded, you will receive a “Welcome” letter with a link to your SPC 5.0 learning plan in the SAFe Community Platform.

What happens after the proctored testing pilot end date of August 1?

Students will still have access to their learning plan and are able to take the SPC 5.0 exam. However they will have to pay to take the exam ($250) and standard retake wait times will apply (10 days, 30 days, etc.) if they fail the exam. The exam will still be accessed and delivered in a proctored environment through CMS.

What does “live-remote proctored environment” mean?

When you log in to take your exam at the scheduled appointment time, you will be connected to a live Examity proctor at one of Examity’s global proctoring centers through your camera and laptop audio using a web conferencing tool. The proctor will check your identification and then will start your exam. They will be with you for the duration of the exam and then once you complete your exam, they will conclude your testing session.

Can I take the test on any computer or phone device?

You must take the exam on a computer – either upright computer or laptop – that is equipped with a video/web camera (internal or external), speakers, and a microphone. You cannot take the exam on a tablet or mobile phone.

What type of identification do I need to provide?

Examity requires a government issued ID, typically that is a driver’s license, passport, or military ID as examples. If there are exceptions especially internationally please let us know as we will want to document those so proctors know to not turn those candidates away.

Who is CMS Item Experts?

CMS Item Experts is the company that provides the exam delivery tools (used by Scaled Agile since 2017), including new capabilities to deliver exams. Part of their new capability is to connect directly with Examity when offering proctored exams. For more information about CMS visit: www.itemexperts.com/.

Who is Examity?

Examity is the company that provides the live-remote proctors. For more information about Examity and proctored testing visit: examity.com/test-takers/.

What if I fail the proctored exam?

You can reschedule another exam attempt through CMS.

Can I take an exam right away or do I have to wait?

You can schedule an exam at any time where there is availability on the proctoring schedule. Because the exam requires a live proctor to administer your exam, a proctor has to be available. Examity has thousands of global proctors available and most of the time an exam can be scheduled fairly quickly.

Scheduling Fees: If you schedule an exam within 24 hours, you will be charged a small fee for “on demand” scheduling. This fee can be paid by credit card directly to Examity. If you schedule an exam outside a 24 hour window, there is no cost to schedule.

Is there a fee for scheduling an exam?

If you schedule an exam within 24 hours, you will be charged a small fee for “on demand” scheduling. This fee can be paid by credit card directly to Examity. If you schedule an exam outside a 24 hour window, there is no cost to schedule.

Who do I call for help with technical issues?

Please see the Support section below.

How do I log back into my CMS account?

Log in to the SAFe Community Platform and find your Implementing 5.0 learning plan. Then click the “Launch” button in the Exam section. Or you can bookmark the CMS URL and access your account directly.

Will my scheduled proctored exam appointment automatically show up on my calendar??

No. We strongly recommend you create a notification on your personal calendar to remind you of your schedule test and allow yourself to log in 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment just in case technical issues arise and to give yourself time to prepare your environment (no papers on the desk, put electronics and cell phones away, etc.).

Can I provide feedback on this pilot?

Yes. A survey link is included as part of your Implementing SAFe 5.0 learning plan.


Proctored Exam Support

CMS Item Experts Support
Issues logging into CMS (after clicking the “Launch” button from your learning plan), setting up or accessing your CMS account, or not being authorized to take the exam.

CMS Email: delivery.support@itemexperts.com
CMS Phone: +1 435-395-8313

Examity Support
Any issues AFTER you have clicked “Begin scheduled exam” at your scheduled exam appointment.

Examity Email: support@examity.com
Examity Phone: +1 855-392-6489
Live Chat: Click on “Live Chat” located at the top and bottom of the Examity proctoring portal page.

Scaled Agile Customer Success
Any issues with your learning plan in the SAFe Community Platform, or not receiving your certification or digital badge when passing the exam.

SAI Support: support.scaledagile.com