To support trainers whose businesses have been impacted by health-related bans on face-to-face course delivery, Scaled Agile, Inc. is permitting remote delivery of SAFe courseware in a limited capacity. Please review this policy carefully so that you know how it applies to you and the courses you deliver.

Remote Delivery of SAFe Training that does not comply with the policies below is not allowed at this time.

Private SAFe® Courses

Private courses are defined as SAFe courses taking place at a single enterprise. Private classes may be delivered remotely by any certified SPCs with prior approval from Scaled Agile.

Please request permission on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to closely monitor usage and effectiveness for the course experience, and quickly provide improvements to ensure client satisfaction.

Request Remote Training 

Public SAFe Courses

Public courses are defined as SAFe courses with open registration to the general public.

Successful delivery of a remote public class requires technical infrastructure and presents training and facilitation challenges. At this time we are limiting remote delivery of public SAFe courses to members of the Scaled Agile Partner network.

Scaled Agile Partners are granted exclusive permission to deliver remote public training. Scaled Agile Partners do not need to request permission for public course delivery at this time.

Effective Dates: This public training policy is effective from March 17, 2020, through August 1, 2020. We will communicate any policy changes beyond this date.

Additional details about Remote Training is available in Scaled Agile FAQ.