Today’s Marketing Isn’t Working

B2B organizations waster over $958 million annually on ineffective marketing campaigns. The typical campaign takes months to go live. Marketing groups are increasingly challenged to help their companies meet business objectives while competing for customers’ attention and loyalty.

Have You Considered Agile Marketing?

Marketing organizations across industries are rapidly adopting agile because it shows promise to help you improve collaboration, get to market faster, and adapt to changing priorities. According to the second annual State of Agile Marketing report:

  • 53% of marketers improved their ability to respond to change
  • 36% saw faster time to release
  • 50% of traditional marketers plan to adopt agile within a year
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White Paper: Try SAFe for Marketing

More than 800,000 professionals in 20,000 organizations around the globe use the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to help them scale agile and Lean practices across teams, so that they can better strategize, plan, manage, and collaborate around their work. SAFe provides a roadmap for how to establish cross-functional teams, plan and release smaller increments of work more quickly, and get teams across the business on the same page around priorities and objectives.

You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to agile marketing
  • How to structure an agile marketing team
  • How to apply agile quality practices to marketing

Agile Marketing with SAFe Course

The Agile Marketing with SAFe course teaches marketing teams how to utilize Lean, Agile, and SAFe practices and principles. With a combination of hands-on activities, introspection, and guided exercises, teams build collective muscle-memory and alignment on new ways to work. The course concludes with a workshop-style activity that helps attendees understand how to apply SAFe in their own real-world environments.


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