Murex Logo


Industry: Technology, Financial

SAFe helps financial technology leader power up DevOps to accelerate value with continuous delivery

Deutsche Bahn Logo

Deutsche Bahn

Industry: Transportation

Europe’s largest railway and transport provider relies on SAFe to deliver on commitments and compete in the digital age.

Johnson Controls Logo

Johnson Controls

Industry: Security

Global technology leader releases 2-4x faster with 100% predictability

Telia Finland Logo

Telia Finland

Industry: Telecommunications

Finnish telecom provider tackles complexity with SAFe’s Large Solution level; delivers 39% more for 34% less

SproutLoud Logo


Industry: Technology, Channel Marketing

Channel marketing leader leverages SAFe to improve predictability, employee engagement, and alignment between the business and IT.

EdgeVerve Systems Logo

EdgeVerve Systems

Industry: Information Technology, Software

SAFe helps subsidiary of Infosys improve release time by 50 - 66% while reducing feature cycle time by 50%

Air France – KLM Logo

Air France – KLM

Industry: Aviation

Productivity increases as SAFe teams deliver 20% more effectively than waterfall teams

LIC Logo


Industry: Agriculture

Essential SAFe Helps New Zealand’s biggest agricultural tradeshow improve time-to-market, quality, predictability, and morale

Fannie Mae Logo

Fannie Mae

Industry: Financial, Government

SAFe enablesnew business model that is changing the way securities are issued to market 

Australia Post Logo

Australia Post

Industry: Postal Services

SAFe helps 200 year-old institution achieve sustainable change, improve satisfaction and throughput, all with lower cost

Capital One Logo

Capital One

Industry: Financial, Banking

Faster delivery, happier teams, greater predictability, and increased customer satisfaction with SAFe

Thales Logo


Industry: Technology, Aviation

Faster delivery, happier teams, greater predictability, and increased customer satisfaction with SAFe

Standard Bank Logo

Standard Bank

Industry: Financial, Banking

Africa’s largest banking group achieves dramatic improvements in productivity, morale, and quality. for 

Intel Logo


Industry: Technology

SAFe helps Intel continuously innovate while controlling costs and maintaining quality

Vantiv Logo


Industry: Financial

SAFe delivers consistency and continuous improvement to payment processing leader

Fitbit Logo


Industry: Technology

Velocity increased 33 percent allowing Fitbit to launch a record number of products

Northwestern Mutual Logo

Northwestern Mutual

Industry: Financial

Life insurance giant saves $12 million and stays 18 months ahead of schedule with SAFe

PlayStation Network Logo

PlayStation Network

Industry: Software

$30 million in savings and initial planning time cut by 28% with SAFe

censhare Logo


Industry: Software

SAFe increases employee satisfaction, provides hiring edge for digital communication leader

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality Logo

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality

Industry: Technology

SAFe delivers 60% faster time-to-market, plus 28 – 41% decrease in attitrution rate for retail technology leader

NHS Blood and Transplant Logo

NHS Blood and Transplant

Industry: Healthcare

SAFe enables transition from waterfall to Agile in a highly regulated environment

Royal Philips Logo

Royal Philips

Industry: Technology, Software, Healthcare

Life insurance giant saves $12 million and stays 18 months ahead of schedule with SAFe

AstraZeneca Logo


Industry: Pharmaceutical

SAFe delivers millions in benefits in first year and significantly faster time-to-value

Swisscom Logo


Industry: Technology, Telecommunications

New TV platform time-to-market down from 36 to 18 months with SAFe

Amdocs Logo


Industry: Software, Telecommunications

Amdocs uses gamification to increase SAFe acceptance. Result is faster delivery times, better system stabilization, and delighted customers

Westpac Logo


Industry: Financial

SAFe drives alignment, one-team culture, and improves cycle time and quality for one of Australia’s “big four” banks

Cisco Logo


Industry: Technology

Provides a hiring edge for our digitalcommunication leader

HPE Software Logo

HPE Software

Industry: Technology, Software

SAFe helps HPE improve quality by 20% while delivering faster

TomTom Logo


Industry: Technology, Software

SAFe helps the world’s leading navigation technology company fail fast, adapt to change, and release faster and more often

pôle emploi Logo

pôle emploi

Industry: Software, Government

SAFe helps French national employment agency deliver strategic program

SK hynix memory solutions Logo

SK hynix memory solutions

Industry: Technology, Software

SAFe addresses complexity issues with firmware development for world’s 2nd largest memory chip maker

LEGO Digital Solutions Logo

LEGO Digital Solutions

Industry: Software

LEGO Digital Solutions unleashes their “systematic creativity” in adapting SAFe to its context

Seamless Payments Logo

Seamless Payments

Industry: Technology, Financial

A scaled-down SAFe provides solution for small company facing big-growth challenges



Industry: Technology, Healthcare

Leveraging SAFe® to Free Teams from Silos, Align the Enterprise,Improve Quality

Accenture Logo


Industry: Technology

SAFe is critical to the alignment of delivery timelines



Industry: Financial, Banking

Medical technology giant cuts release cycle time by two-thirds with SAFe



Industry: Software

SAFe enables transition from waterfall to Agile in a highly regulated environment



Industry: Information Technology

SAFe helps the UK’s leading bulding materials supplier eliminate waste while moving foward on its Lean-Agile journey



Industry: Education

Applying SAFe in large (COTS) Oracle application increases release frequency and NPS scores from stakeholers



Industry: Information Technology, Customer Service

SAFe, Lean, and DevOps drive results complex legacy environment: 2X reduction in batch size, and 5X impact improvement

Infogain Logo


Industry: Services

Global outsourcing company improves alignment to common vision and enhances process and progress visibility

John Deere Logo

John Deere

Industry: Technology, Agriculture

Agile meets Big Iron

Mitchell International Logo

Mitchell International

Industry: Technology, Information Technology

A big leap to Lean-Agile results in 44% decrease in post release defects and 76% decrease in time to respond to customer requests

BMC Software Logo

BMC Software

Industry: Software

SAFe helps BMC more become more responsive to market changes and customer demands while increasing productivity

Big IT Shop, Down Under Logo

Big IT Shop, Down Under

Industry: Information Technology

SAFe and Portfolio and Program kanban help reduce cost by 50% and delivery cycle time from 12 to 3 months

Telstra Logo


Industry: Technology, Telecommunications

SAFe helps Australia's leading provider of mobile and home phones decrease product defects by 95%, and drop delivery cycle time from 12 to 3 months

SEI Logo


Industry: Financial

Fast pivot to SAFe increases client satisfaction 25% and delivers higher value business results in shorter delivery cycle