White Paper: SAFe for Marketing

Agile Marketing Best Practices 

As organizations optimize their time-to-market, marketing organizations struggle to keep pace. Frameworks such as Agile improve productivity, release cadence, and quality, while marketing departments continue to be bogged down with time-to-campaign, changing priorities, inefficiencies and waste.

The typical campaign takes months to get to market and over $958 million is wasted in B2B marketing organizations on a yearly basis. There is a clarion call for change within marketing organizations.

Agile marketing shows promise for addressing these challenges and is being rapidly adopted. According to the second annual State of Agile Marketing report:

  • 53% of marketers improved their ability to respond to change
  • 36% saw faster time to release
  • 50% of traditional marketers plan to adopt Agile within a year

Learn more about how Agile marketing techniques address these issues in this white paper.

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