The highest achievable SAFe® certification,  SAFe® Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs) are the leading change agents in an organization’s Lean-Agile transformation and implementation. What’s more, SPCTs are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs).

Three phases to certifying as an SPCT


In order to be accepted into the SPCT program, a Scaled Agile Gold Partner or Enterprise customer with a SAFe Learner Subscription (SLS) of 500+ must nominate an SPC by sending an email to The individual completes their application via the online SPCT Portal on the Community Platform, which details the individuals’ SAFe qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

Once the application is approved, the SPC will achieve “nominee” status. At this point, Scaled Agile conducts two screening interviews to review the nominee’s experience and qualifications, and to determine whether the nominee should be accepted into the SPCT program as a candidate.

Only Scaled Agile Gold Partners and Enterprise customers with an SLS of 500+ are eligible to submit an individual as a nominee. That individual must be employed by the Gold Partner or Enterprise for at least three months.


If the nominee is accepted as a candidate, they will be assigned a guide to help them progress through the remaining certification requirements.

The candidate will also be invited to join SPCT immersion week—an intensive week of evaluations, activities, and observation. During immersion week, each candidate is evaluated on their ability to teach, coach, facilitate, and deliver value. Most of the week will involve observing and assisting an Implementing SAFe class to help become better equipped to lead this course independently in the future.

In order to be accepted as an SPCT candidate, the nominee must meet the below criteria: 

General experience and education requirements

  • 15 years of tech industry experience
  • Five years of Lean-Agile experience
  • Five years of software development / systems engineering experience and / or product manager/product owner experience
  • Relevant certifications (e.g., CST, CSM, CSPO, PMI/ACP, LKU, PSM, PMP)
  • Bachelors or better academic degree or equivalent in technology or business
  • One year or more with the sponsoring Gold partner—full time employee preferred
  • At least three years of training experience with high feedback scores
  • At least five years of consulting experience (three years at the leadership level)

Required SAFe experience

  • One year minimum as an SPC (early adopter of the latest version of SAFe with a high score on all latest exams preferred)
  • Meets nomination field experience requirements and acceptance criteria
Nomination Requirement
Successful SAFe implementations 1
SAFe days in last year 80
Teach Leading SAFe course 3
Lead SAFe ART launch with SAFe for Teams 1
Lead Inspect & Adapt workshop 1
Lead Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop 1
SAFe speaking engagements 1
Current course exams SPC certified at least 1 year
Required reading 5

Certified SPCT

After an SPCT candidate completes immersion week, they will work with their guide to achieve the remaining experience required to certify as an SPCT.

Once certified, an SPCT must continue to gain experience in the field in order to renew their certification. The below table details the experience needed both to certify for the first time as an SPCT as well as renew an SPCT certification.

Experience Certification Requirement Renewal Requirement
Successful SAFe implementations 3 1 new/year
SAFe days in last year 120 80/year
Teach Leading SAFe course 6 Included in SAFe days
Teach SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager course 1 Included in SAFe days
Teach SAFe Scrum Master course 1 Included in SAFe days
Teach Advanced SAFe Scrum Master course 1 Included in SAFe days
Attend SAFe Release Train Engineer course Certified RTE n/a
Lead SAFe ART launch with SAFe for Teams 1 Included in SAFe days
Lead Inspect & Adapt workshop 1 Included in SAFe days
Value Stream and ART Identification workshop 2 Included in SAFe days
Additional Toolkit Workshops 2 different types Included in SAFe days
SAFe speaking engagements 3 2/year
Teach Implementing SAFe course 1 (pairing test) 3/year
Current course exams Latest exams Latest exams
Required reading All core, 2 elective 3 discretionary/year
Community participation activities 2 2/year
Teach/co-teach elective SAFe courses 1 1/year