Dan O’Leary

VP, Software Engineering

Dan leads the development of SAFe® Collaborate, a platform enabling the practice of SAFe. He joins Scaled Agile with over 20 years in commercial software experience, including ten years focused on mission-critical enterprise software products.

Prior to working at Scaled Agile, Dan architected and developed Weave, an enterprise-grade collaboration platform enabling teams and organizations within companies to solve ideation and prioritization problems collaboratively. At Callidus Software, Dan rose from a member of the initial engineering team to VP of Engineering. There he built a high-performance, rule-based enterprise incentive management system (TrueComp) currently in use by over 150 global enterprises. His engineering team delivered the architecture and product feature set for two major releases, then led a group of up to 50 engineers through four major releases supporting customers across manufacturing, telecommunications, life sciences, banking, financial services, and insurance verticals.

Prior to Callidus, Dan was a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he designed and built development tools supporting Java/C++ development as well as a multi-site configuration management system (TeamWare) used by many external customers as well as the Solaris development team. Dan holds four software patents related to his work at Sun. At EDS Research Labs, he worked on an object-oriented development language and environment supporting rule-based expert systems development.

Dan has a MSE in computer science from the University of Michigan and a B.S in computer science with honors (summa cum laude) from Western Michigan University.