The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) 4.5 is leaner, more agile, and fosters faster innovation and learning. It helps enterprises get better, faster business results on a reliable basis. At the same time, SAFe 4.5 is backwards compatible with SAFe 4.0, which means organizations can adopt the new practices introduced in SAFe 4.5 at their own pace to improve their results.

The SAFe 4.5 release contains the following key improvements:

  1. Faster innovation with the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean UX
  2. ­Scalable DevOps and Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  3. New Implementation Roadmap
  4. Configurable and easier to use

Learn more about these updates directly from Dean Leffingwell, Chief Methodologist of the Scaled Agile Framework, in this short video.

You can find more detailed information about SAFe 4.5 in this guidance article.