Looking For Permission to … ?

Scaled Agile, Inc. is committed to helping ensure the success of those who apply the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). To help achieve this, we’ve made SAFe knowledge publicly available throughout this website free of charge. However, all text and graphics are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws and may not be copied, modified to create derivative works, or distributed without our express permission.

Permission from Scaled Agile, Inc. is required prior to using most graphics and content on the scaledagileframework.com website.

We do have some exceptions and make certain materials available for download under more permissive terms at ScaledAgileFramework.com/Videos and Presentations.

We provide the following FAQs as the most common examples of the intended uses for which Scaled Agile, Inc. may be willing to grant permission to use and reproduce its protected material.

Permissions requests should be submitted via the  Permissions Form . We endeavor to provide an initial response within two business days of the request.

May I … ?
Ask Permission
The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) “Big Picture”
… reproduce the SAFe Big Picture in print, poster, or electronic form? The SAFe Big Picture may be downloaded only from the website at ScaledAgileFramework.com/Posters. Restrictions for use are provided on the download page. We do not permit the downloading of the SAFe Big Picture from any other website.
… modify or customize the SAFe Big Picture? The SAFe Big Picture may not be modified without a license. Enterprise customers may enter into a license agreement or receive permission to modify the SAFe Big Picture, but only for INTERNAL use within their enterprise.
                Permissions Form
share modifications or customizations of the SAFe Big Picture? No, the EXTERNAL use of a modified or customized SAFe Big Picture is strictly prohibited. External uses include sharing with suppliers, business partners, current or potential customers, and other enterprises, organizations, entities, or individuals.
… include a copy of the SAFe Big Picture on my website?  Yes, you may include a copy of the SAFe Big Picture on your website. There are several files available at scaledagileframework.com/posters, including a thumbnail which is perfect for a website, LinkedIn, or blog, and other sizes suitable for use in presentations.
SAFe® Foundations, SAFe® in 8 Pictures, What’s New in 4.0
… include slides from SAFe Foundations, SAFe in 8 Pictures, and/or What’s New in 4.0 in my upcoming presentation? Yes, you may reproduce, distribute, display, and use any of the slides in the SAFe Foundations, SAFe in 8 Pictures, and What’s New in 4.0 slide decks, downloadable from ScaledAgileFramework.com/Videos and Presentations free of charge on the condition you do not: 1) compete with any product or training provided by or for Scaled Agile Inc., or 2) modify any of the original slides, or 3) remove any trademark or copyright. See the Usage Guidelines and Restrictions on the download page.
SAFe Text, Graphics, or Presentations (other than the Big Picture, SAFe Foundations, SAFe in 8, and What’s New in 4.0)
What text, graphics or presentations may I use? All of the SAFe graphics, PowerPoint slides, presentations, and videos that you may download for free and without further permission are at ScaledAgileFramework.com/Videos and Presentations. Please submit a permissions request for any other graphics or content.                 Permissions Form
Linking to SAFe® Website
… link to the SAFe site from an internal company website, public website, blog, or other electronic forum? Yes, you may link to the scaledagileframework.com website as that will always have the most complete and current source of SAFe content and information.
Use of Scaled Agile, Inc. SAFe-based Courseware
… use Courseware in presentations, bids, proposals or informal training? No. All Courseware is governed by licensing restrictions and may only be used to conduct a formal sanctioned class, and not for any other presentation, proposal, or purpose.  You must obtain an express grant of permission to allow for an exception to that license agreement.  Please submit a permissions request and specify what exactly you want to use and for what purpose.
                Permissions Form
Fee Based Training
… do fee-based, or in-person training on SAFe? Only Scaled Agile Partners and SAFe-certified SPCs and SPCTs may deliver fee-based training, based on our courseware, workbooks, and other content; and only pursuant to a written license agreement. SAFe training must be conducted via in-person, instructor-led, classroom training. For more information on getting certified, see Certification Basics; or on becoming a Scaled Agile Partner see The Scaled Agile Partner Program.
My Presentations/Proposals
… make a public presentation in a public forum, create a technical publication, or create a customer proposal using SAFe? Yes, you may use the downloadable graphics and presentations publicly available on the scaledagileframework.com website, subject to the restrictions provided in the usage restrictions for each. If you wish to use any other content, please submit a permissions request.
… make an internal presentation to my company only? 
Yes, you may use the downloadable graphics and presentations publicly available on the scaledagileframework.com website, subject to the restrictions provided in the usage restrictions for each. If you wish to use any other content, please submit a permissions request.
Distance Learning
… conduct fee-based training on SAFe via remote delivery (such as WebEx or Skpe)? Distance Learning is considered on a case-by-case basis and only under certain conditions, including that it be conducted by an enterprise for its internal training. Please submit a Permissions Request to request the conditions for conducting remote training.
                Permissions Form
Use of Trade Names and Marks
… use SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework trademarks and logos? You may reference SAFe or the Scaled Agile Framework in the ordinary course of your business, but you may not use these, or any other SAI trademarks, in any manner that implies that you or any of your products or services are endorsed, approved, or provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. without our express written permission or an applicable partner or other license.
How do I mark the trade names and logos? If you are granted permission to use SAFe text you must designate the trade names and marks as follows: Scaled Agile Framework® (words with and without design mark) 
SAFe® (word with & without design mark) 
*Insert the ® mark in superscript font and include: “[term name or mark] is/are registered marks of Scaled Agile, Inc.” at the bottom of the page or slide.
Digital Badges
… create & use a digital badge related to SAFe and with the trademark?
No SAI trademark may be used in any digital badge without prior express permission from SAI. Requests should be submitted via the Permissions Form and should include the proposed badge and description of skills to earn the same. See the Digital Badging restrictions and instructions.
Copyright Statement
What language should I use to indicate I am using copyrighted content? If you are granted permission to use SAFe text, you must include the following Copyright Statement at the bottom of each page or slide: “Reproduced with permission © 2011-2016 Scaled Agile, Inc. All rights reserved.
… write a book on SAFe? There are a number of books being written on SAFe, and Scaled Agile, Inc. may be willing to grant a license to do so. Please submit a permissions request and describe your intended work so we can start a discussion about the possibilities.
Educational Use
… include any SAFe website content or SAI training content in educational courseware? We often grant licenses, free of charge, for degree-granting academic institutions to include elements of SAFe and our courseware in their courses. To see if you qualify, please submit a permissions request.                   Permissions Form
… translate SAFe content into another language? A variety of translations of various SAFe works are in process. Translations are performed under license agreement. Please submit a permissions request.                 Permissions Form