Effective June 1, 2017

The right to protection of personal data is addressed by laws around the world.  Consistent with those common global principles, Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI) respects and protects the personal data it receives and manages in the course of educating, certifying, and supporting individuals in SAFe®.

Thus, it is Scaled Agile, Inc.’s policy to treat each individual’s personal and SAFe certification data as private, and will it not disclose any such data to any person or entity.

Within those parameters, Scaled Agile, Inc. may make certain limited disclosures of anonymous summative data that does not disclose personally identifiable information.  The circumstances and certain types of limited disclosures that may be made are explained below.

SAI is not responsible to protect against the disclosure of any information an individual makes public.  SAI also reserves the right to disclose any information pursuant to a lawful subpoena or court order.

Types of Limited Disclosures

1. Enterprise Data Requests

In response to a request from an Enterprise for personal or certification data related to the number and level of SAFe certifications among that Enterprise’s own employees, SAI will provide only the number of certifications by type as is known to SAI on the date of the response.  SAI will not provide any other information, orally or in writing.  This policy applies to requests from SAI Partners.

SAI does not make any guarantees or representations as to the accuracy of this information as it is only the “best available” to SAI and based on information provided by the individual; also the information may be outdated or change at any time.  The Enterprise is advised to rely on its own data to verify all certification information.

2. SAFe Trainer Data Requests

In response to a request from an SAI-validated or SAI-certified trainer (“Trainer”) for SAFe certification or exam data, SAI will provide the following summative data for each course:  # passed, # failed, # non-attempts as is known to SAI on the date of the inquiry.  This summative data can be accessed online through the Trainer’s secured dashboard on the SAFe Community platform.  SAI will not provide any other information, orally or in writing.

The Trainer must keep all personal and SAFe certification and exam data confidential and must not reproduce, distribute, use, or permit any third-party to access or use the data.