This Code of Conduct describes the minimum standards of business practices and professional conduct with which Scaled Agile, Inc. (“SAI”) expects all certified SAFe® individuals, and participants in its Partner Program (together, “Affiliates”) to comply in all SAI business relationships and SAFe® service delivery.

By establishing this Code of Conduct and making it part of every Affiliate’s relationship with SAI, we are acknowledging our Affiliates’ critical role in protecting our shared asset – the trust that our students, enterprise clients, colleagues, and communities place in us and in SAFe®.

Affiliates should provide this Code of Conduct to their employees, agents, and contractors who are involved in SAI-related business, and each Affiliate should make all efforts to ensure their compliance.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change.  The current Code will be posted on the SAI website.

Ethical Principles

  • Affiliates will at all times demonstrate the highest ethical principles in their business activities, and avoid engaging in any activity that involves even the appearance of impropriety.

SAFe® Service Delivery

Affiliates will at all times:

  • Recognize the responsibility inherent in the teaching process, and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between each other and every student.
  • Use best efforts to help each student realize his or her potential, to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, and to promote knowledge and understanding.
  • Protect each student from conditions harmful to learning or to health and safety, and treat every student fairly without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Ensure all students have the equal opportunity to perform in an environment free of any form of unlawful discriminatory or retaliatory treatment or physical or mental abuse or harassment.
  • Lead with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm, and continually strive to be committed leaders in teamwork and motivation.
  • Collaborate and cooperate with each other to provide students and clients the best possible SAFe® solution since the nature of agile transformation at scale and global training often require Affiliates to work together to execute.

Protect Intellectual Property
Affiliates will at all times:

  • Protect their clients and SAI’s intellectual property rights, including all SAFe® content, graphics, and courseware.
  • Ensure that no material is reproduced, used, accessed, disclosed, or distributed to or by anyone or for any purpose not specified in a written agreement with SAI.
  • Take no action that will interfere with SAI’s rights in or to its trademarks, trade names, logos, domain names, and other similar designations of source, sponsorship, association, or origin (for example, “Scaled Agile Framework®” and “SAFe®”). Affiliates will not register for any trademark, trade name, logo, or domain name that is similar to or that incorporates any owned by SAI, in whole or in confusingly similar part.  Affiliates will not use any SAI trademarked names, abbreviations, or acronyms in any domain name, email address, or other social media identifier.
  • Confirm that all copyright or proprietary rights notices on any copy of SAI materials are not removed or obscured.
  • Arrange that all marketing relating to SAI and its courseware, products, services, trademarks, methods, or processes is professional, positive, honest, and without exaggeration or overstatement.

Fair Competition
Affiliates will at all times:

  • Compete fairly and ethically for business opportunities. Employees, agents, and contractors of Affiliates who are involved in the delivery of SAI products and services will ensure that all statements, communications, and representations are accurate, complete, and truthful.
  • Avoid engaging in any unfair, misleading, or deceptive practices related to SAI or its courseware, products, services, trademarks, methods, or processes.
  • Comply with antitrust and competition laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that no unauthorized commitments are made on behalf of SAI, and that no inappropriate implications are made that SAI is involved in any dispute with Affiliate’s clients or others.
  • Protect against any action or statement that discredits or disparages SAI or its business associates, competitors, or clients, and their courseware, products, services, trademarks, methods, or processes.

Financial Information

  • Accurate financial information and business records are of critical importance for all enterprises. Affiliates will not engage in any action that could result in conveying false or inaccurate financial information to SAI, students, or clients.

Government Clients

  • Affiliates will comply with laws, procurement regulations, and contract clauses that govern the acquisition of goods and services by government entities to which the Affiliate directly or indirectly markets or recommends SAI products and/or services, including federal, state, local government-owned entities, and others that are subject to government procurement rules.

Business Hospitality

  • Business hospitality which Affiliates provide to an SAI employee must be appropriate for the business relationship and must not be given with the intent to receive favoritism from SAI or to compromise SAI’s decisions regarding the business relationship, and must not approach even the appearance of impropriety.

Social Media

  • Affiliates using social media (for example, blogs, wikis, social networks) will apply the principles in this Code of Conduct.


  • Affiliates will comply with all applicable data privacy requirements.
  • Affiliates will stay informed of the laws and customs of the countries with, and in which, they and SAI conduct business, and will avoid conduct that may be considered disrespectful or illegal.

Reporting Violations

  • Violations of this Code of Conduct from an ethics, integrity, or legal perspective by any Affiliate or others working on behalf of an Affiliate will constitute the basis for the immediate termination of the business relationship and related agreements with SAI.
  • An Affiliate should immediately notify SAI if he or she becomes aware of any unethical or illegal situation related to the delivery of SAI products or services.